Brevetto italiano n. 1394971, data di deposito: 31/07/09 (n. domanda: BO2009A000513).

Brevetto americano n8,013,995, data di deposito: 30/07/10 (n. domanda: US12/847,224).

Domanda di brevetto europeo n. EP10171449.1, data di deposito 30/07/2010

Metodo e apparecchiatura per determinare dimensioni e composizione di un particolato in un flusso di fumi. L. Massoli , R. Morlacchi, R. Calabria, R.Q. Iannone


Publications on Journals

2010 – Applied Physics B
Investigation of unburned carbon particles in fly ash by means of laser light scatteringR.Q. Iannone · R. Morlacchi · R. Calabria · P. Massoli

2010 – Journal of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (MSSP)
Acoustic Emissions for Particle Sizing of Powders through Signal Processing TechniquesA. Bastari, C. Cristalli, R. Morlacchi and E. Pomponi

Publications on Magazines

2011 – International Environmental Technology(IET) Annual Buyers’ Guide
A Complex CEMS Architecture with FT-IR Technology for Emissions Monitoring in Co-firing PlantsL. Marinelli , C. Bartocci

Conference Proceedings

2015 – PowerGen Europe 2015. 
An Advanced Monitoring and Diagnostic System for Coal Mill Optimization in Thermoelectric Power Plants. M. Biscuola, M. Gualerci, I. Brunetti, D. Pestonesi, N. Rossi, S. Collura, F. De Angelis

2015 – Italian Workshop on Neural Networks (WIRN 2015)
Machine Learning Techniques for the estimation of particle size distribution in industrial plants. D. Rossetti, S. Squartini, S. Collura

2014 – Emission Monitoring Conference & Exhibition (CEM2014)
Simultaneous process and emission monitoring through two automatically switching FT-IR Gas AnalyzersL.Fiorani, D.Tittarelli, S.Collura

2014 – Emission Monitoring Conference & Exhibition (CEM2014)
MyLeaf: a predictive maintenance tool for the performance optimization of a CEM system.. L.Fiorani, S. Obaid

2013 – PowerGen Europe 2013
Coal mill performances optimization through non-invasive online coal fineness monitoringS. Collura, D. Possanzini, M. Gualerci, L. Bonelli,  D. Pestonesi

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