POWdER is the system designed by Loccioni research@environment able to monitor fineness of coal powder flowing within feeding ducts of a coal-fired power plant. POWdER uses the innovative and non intrusive Acoustic Emissions technique to evaluate coal particle size distribution.

POWdER can “listen to” the acoustic emissions (AE) produced by the coal powder while hitting against the walls of feeding ducts, providing percentage values of three different classes of coal granulometry:

> 50 mesh for particle size greater than 300μm
> 100 mesh for particle size greater than 150 μm
> 200 mesh for particle size lower than 75 μm

While monitoring coal fineness, POWdER allows to optimize it according to both emission requirements and combustion efficiency. Furthermore POWdER is an useful tool suitable for mills and burners diagnostics, in order to prevent mills’ failure, mass blockages and burners overtemperatures.

Technical sheet