The amount of unburned carbon (UBC) in fly ash is a good marker of efficiency of coal blends combustion. The presence of unburned carbon is, in fact, a consequence of incomplete combustion which originates from the devolatilisation of the coal fed to the boiler. Thus, determination of the carbon content in the fly ash can provide useful information on the combustion process.

Improvement of plant efficiency should therefore involve a real-time feedback control on UBC, which ensures that the plant is always operating at optimum level. Cineris is the instrument suitable to this aim. While monitoring in real time UBC content in fly ash, Cineris allows coal saving and the reduction of UBC content in the ashes sold for cement or other industrial application.

Cineris is able to determine the percentage of unburned carbon in fly ash produced in pulverized coal combustion. The major advantage of Cineris is its ability to provide measurements in real time and in situ, thus supplying prompt information about the combustion process.

Technical sheet